Paul F.

IL, United States

“His phone consult is literally the most valuable one hour conversation you will ever have.”

Elaina P.

AR, United States

“I was completely overwhelmed with my student loans. Student Loan Planner was able to simply the process and guide me to make the best decisions.”


Evan R.

ME, United States

“Travis took into account my wife's finances and student loans and pointed us towards SERIOUSLY AMAZING savings. Travis was honest, nice, and easy to follow as we went through everything. He made sure to point out where we would save the most money in the long run and explain how each payment plan works. I am very happy with the service Travis provided and recommend him to anyone who needs help with big student loans.”


Brian R.

TN, United States

“I am currently finishing residency and starting fellowship training in July. I have quite a bit of student loan debt from medical school, and my wife also has significant graduate school loans. When we were trying to figure out repayment plans, we looked to Travis for his guidance and knowledge. Travis took ample time to go over all of our…”

trent h

Trent H.

TX, United States

“Being a chiropractor and married to one, we have a lot of Student Loan debt. Travis is knowledgeable and extremely helpful in helping show, build and explain the best options available for you to slay your debt. I highly recommend any and ALL fellow colleagues to have a consultation with Travis. You won't regret it! Thank you again Travis!”

Muhammad E.

Muhammad E.

MI, United States

“I'm admittedly ignorant about student loans and after putting it aside for 6 years of pharmacy school and 2 years of residency training, a meeting with Travis was what I needed to get my loan payment plan in order. Kind and friendly. If you have significant loans, it is more than worth making an appointment and making a plan for yourself…”

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I got so much out of it that by the time the conversation was over, I felt like I had a plan for the rest of my life. It was awesome. David Blanchard
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